Every time I find a client and think I have regular work lined up so I can relax, something seems to happen to dry it up.

See that light bulb shining above my head? That’s my swirling mass of great ideas.

I am quickly learning that to keep getting work as a writer means never ending hustle. You’ve got to keep looking for new sources, new places to pitch, new ideas that you can write about. Lucky for me I’ve got plenty of ideas, so all I have to do is start sharing more.


Let’s find out. I sent out two pitches to cover local attractions tonight, am promoting the piece I did for Globetotting and tomorrow I’ll take some time to update my own travel blog.

I would say back to the drawing board, but in reality a good writer never leaves. That’s part of the job, and the trick is to not let it overwhelm you, not let that part where you look for outside validation ruin the part where you create and inspire (starting with yourself.)

I’m off to do some swimming.