I grew up in a military family. Even though he’s retired my dad still gets itchy feet and wants to move every few years, and I am his daughter. My husband, on the other hand, comes from a family that’s farmed the same land for generations.

Guess who’s idea it was to try digital nomad life?

beach cozumel mexico

View from the office…some days.

Once I convinced my husband to leave Iowa (a process that took several years) we sold almost everything we owned in the United States to become full time travelers. Our 4-bedroom house, our two cars, our American dream lifestyle was reduced to two rolling suitcases and a backpack for each member of our family.

We planned on spending one year in Mexico but find it so rich and fascinating that we have stayed more than two, with side trips into Guatemala. Soon we’ll move on and continue our quest to explore the world, slowly, doing our best to experience each place as fully as we can. It won’t be like this forever, but our kids have a list of the places they want to see and they won’t want to do this with us for much longer.


Hobbitenango in Antigua, Guatemala.

Before you picture an endless vacation of beach days and margaritas know that I still have to work (but yes, some days I do it from the beach.) My husband also works online in IT, so our destinations often revolve around internet connections.

I could not keep working as a Registered Nurse while wandering the world, so I’ve remade myself as a freelance writer. I’ve covered topics from box trailers to sushi, but my favorite thing to write about is travel, especially if you want to bring the kids along.

So many people love what we do, but say “I could never do that.” I say why not? There was a time that I thought long-term family travel was a radical idea but it was reading the stories of people who were doing it that made me see that it is not uncommon. As a travel writer I can share our personal travel stories and bring to light destinations that allow others to see the possibilities that travel can open up if they are willing to look.

We spend weeks and even months in each place and try to live locally. This doesn’t mean we stay away from all the touristy stuff, and even in the most commercial locations (looking at you Cancun) there is more beneath the surface than the average traveler takes the time to see.

I write to lift the veil, to show people that there is more to a destination, a lifestyle, or an activity than they might have seen at first glance. I want to inspire people to think more, to look harder, and to connect with a place rather than just to visit.

This is what a travel writer is for.

Want me to write about a place for you? Conact me.

To learn more about our travels check out my travel blog, The Everyday Journey