• Excerpt from “The Inland Mermaid”

    Chapter 1 Daria ran, crashing through the brush and almost losing her footing in the slick brown leaves. Her chest was already tightening, her breath getting ragged but there was no time to dig out her inhaler. She wondered how far behind the boys were. She wasn’t as fast as them, but she had to […]

  • The Value of Attending Writing Conferences

    All professions and hobbies have their own jargon. I’m an RN, my husband is in IT and there are times it feels like we speak completely different languages. The craft and business of writing is no different and when a writer pokes their head out of their towering TBR pile and realizes there’s a lot […]

  • Six Steps to Keep Your Job and Become a Digital Nomad

    At first glance becoming a digital nomad sounds outrageous – what employer is going to agree to let you work from Thailand when everyone else is stuck in the office? It can be done, and in fact I have done it. Let me tell you what you need to cover to keep your current job […]