There are two options: A really clean house, or a newly sentient laundry monster. I’ve named mine Phil. 


Amelia Lynch grew up in Southern Missouri running wild in the forests and spring fed creeks of the Ozarks. She comes from a military family that didn’t stay in one place for long, but circled the same area long enough to put down a few roots.

As an adult she found that she had inherited those itchy feet. Her first foray into regular writing was her travel blog, The Everyday Journey, which she started when her husband finally agreed to sell everything they owned and move 4 out of 5 family members to Mexico. They criss-crossed the country for three years  carrying only what they could fit in a Suburban with two kids, a geriatric cat and two adopted Mexipups.

Amelia is always looking a new adventure and scribbling pages of elaborate plans, many of which turn into stories. She loves water both salty and fresh, science, anthropology, and anything that’s a little weird. She has been to Jamaica, Peru, Brazil, Italy, Costa Rica, and Guatemala, but her Spanish is still not very good. If you want to be her practice buddy, please call.

She’ll be writing book and conference reviews here, along with progress updates as she finishes her first novel, The Inland Mermaid, so come back often and see what’s new.  


P.S. This is my logo and I love it.

The tentacles reached out and grabbed me when I saw it (pun intended) and the more I looked at it the more I realized that this image describes writing perfectly:

You’re trying to get words on the page, trying to stay focused while all the other things in your life are trying to pull you away-why is my kid screeching? that dog needs a walk…dinner? who left just one dirty sock there?-but that typewriter is at the center of it all and you keep fighting your way back to it.

It’s all part of the story. 

          A hotel with my name on it in Guatemala, how could I resist?