The answer: A really clean house.

As I sit here behind my computer staring down that almost sentient pile of laundry, I want you to know that this website is a work in progress (isn’t everything?) and it will change as I change.

Don’t worry, I change a lot.

I grew up mostly in the Midwest, literally running wild in the forests and spring fed creeks of the Ozarks. I say mostly because my dad was military so we never stayed in one place for very long, even after he got out, but we circled the same area for a while so I could stay in one school with my friends.

Apparently I inherited those itchy feet. My first foray into online writing was my travel blog, The Everyday Journey. I started it when we were selling everything we owned-house, cars, furniture, trampoline, an astonishing number of tools, my beloved slate dining table, all of it-and moved 4 out of 5 of our family to Mexico for three years of travel carrying only what we could fit in a Suburban. It was amazing, and exhausting.

I’ve taken trips to Jamaica, Peru, Brazil, Italy, Costa Rica, and Guatemala, but my Spanish is still not very good. If you want to be my practice buddy, please call.

I am always looking for my next big adventure and driving my family crazy with scribbled pages of elaborate plans.

Husband: “Why are you like this?”  Me: *shrugs* “You’re the one that married me.” 

Kids: “Can’t we just be normal, Mom?” Mom: “Um, sorry, that ship has sailed.”

Yes, I do have a degree. No, it is not in anything remotely related to writing. Good thing I spend a lot of time with words on my own.

I read a lot, I write as much as the laundry monster will allow, and I have a special place in my heart for all things weird and unusual. I hope you find something here that is fun to read, something good to share, and something that sings just for you in your little corner of the world (are there laundry monsters there? I thought so.)

I’ll be writing book and conference reviews here, along with my own unique progress updates as I write my first novel, The Inland Mermaid, so come back often and see what’s new.  


Amelia Lynch 

P.S. This is my logo and I love it. The tentacles reached out and grabbed me (pun intended) when I saw it, and the more I looked at it the more I realized that this image describes writing perfectly.

You’re trying to get some words on the page, trying to focus and all the other things in your life are trying to pull you away-why is my kid screeching? that dog needs a walk…dinner? who left that plate there?-but that one, shining typewriter is at the center of it all and you just keep fighting your way back to it.

That’s my life in a nutshell.


          This hotel had my name on it in Guatemala, how could I resist staying there?