At first glance becoming a digital nomad sounds outrageous – what employer is going to agree to let you work from Thailand when everyone else is stuck in the office? It can be done, and in fact I have done it. Let me tell you what you need to cover to keep your current job and work overseas.

1) Tell them what you bring to the table that no one else can. If you’re in an easily replaceable position you may be out of luck, but if you do a specialized or difficult job it can be easier to let you work from remote than to start over with someone new.

2) Play up your history with the company. A stellar attendance record and strong work ethic prove that you can get the job done, you just want to do it from somewhere else.

3)Point out the cost savings. Training a new person is expensive, plus you no longer need a desk, a printer, a company laptop, etc. As a digital nomad be willing to take responsibility for your own supplies.

4) Explain how it would work. How fast is internet in Thailand? How will they call you? What program will meetings go through? Show them how you can still be within reach, including what backups you can put in place.  

5) Prove you can do it. Often if remote work is possible it’s already happening on a local basis, allowing people to work from home when their kids are sick or on bad weather days. Offer to do a trial period of working from home before taking off overseas.

6)Answer their questions before they can ask. If you were the boss what would you worry about? Impress them by beating them to it show you’ve really thought this through. 

If you prove it can be done there is no logical reason for them to lose a good employee. You goal is to make them see that you can do the same job from anywhere in world, and once they say yes, go do it!