Home Security Weaknesses That Help Thieves

Often the difference between a secure home and one that thieves see as an easy target is the behavior and vigilance of the people who live there. You can avoid helping a criminal get into your house by checking for any weak areas.

Outside The House

Not Enough Light

Burglars like to work in the dark, so having areas around your property that are not well lit offers them places to hide. Timers can make sure the lights come on even when you aren’t there, or if you don’t want to have lights on all night consider installing lights with motion sensors.

Hiding the Spare Keys

Under the mat, on top of the frame, even the pebbles that are marketed to blend in. No matter how secure you think your hiding place is, looking for a key by the front door is the first step a burglar takes. Don’t leave a key lying around for them to find, ask a neighbor that you trust to keep one.

An Unlocked Tool Shed

Many people leave their shed unlocked for easy access, but it’s not just you that may be going inside. Power tools can be easily sold or a more ambitious crook may use them to access other parts of the property, especially things like ladders.

Leaving the Garage Open

A garage that’s left open for any length of time puts its’ contents on display, and it is becoming common for organized gangs to come through and steal expensive bikes that can be quickly sold for cash.

Inside the House

Forgetting About Secondary Entrances

Just because you don’t use it very often doesn’t mean that a thief won’t. If you have a door you don’t use very often you can add a sliding bolt or a bar to the inside. This makes it almost impossible to force the door open from the outside but are still useable as an emergency exit.

Keys left in a door

Leaving your keys in the door may keep them from being misplaced but it also makes it easier for a thief to use them to gain entry. If there is glass nearby they can break it and reach in or it’s possible to use magnets to turn a door lock when the keys are left in it.

Open windows

Windows are already the weakest point in your home, and an open window is an invitation. Windows are also left unlocked more often than doors, making them an easy access point that criminals know to check.

Bags in the hallway

A handbag with wallet and car keys sitting in the hallway can be easily spotted by peeking through windows or letter boxes. It makes a tempting target just inside the house that can be quickly taken.

Protect Yourself

Knowing where your weak points are is the first step toward protecting your family and your property. For a thorough assessment ask a professional to do a security survey on your property and improve the odds of keeping crooks out.